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Meet The Team

Rena Marvin, M.S. CRC, CVE, CHC
Founder of Progressive Mind & Body Institute. Integrative Therapist and Health Coach 

Specializing in Mind Body Soul Psychology and Health Coaching

Offering in person Intuitive Therapy and Guidance sessions in Stuart and Melbourne, Fla. locations and  virtual  sessions worldwide.  Offering Health and Mental Wellness Coaching for Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma and Chronic Pain.  If you want positive changes and freedom in your life,  let me guide you in the steps to create these changes in a relatively short period of time. 

To schedule, please call 772-320-7678 or email

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Shandra Artura (Melbourne location)

Licensed Massage Therapist

Self Empowerment Coach

Shandra has specialized in complex conditions of the mind and body since 2006. She empowers people to take responsibility of their life, health and happiness by coaching the Mind, Freeing the Body and Nurturing the Soul. Whether it's pain, stress or getting unstuck in can trust Shandra to give you hope for a better tomorrow. 

"Transform your Self to transform your world"

Book online:

Questions? (321) 626-8159

Polly Vandiver, Licensed Massage Therapist

(Melbourne location)
Polly is currently in her 8th year of practice. She received her massage certification in 2014 in Bozeman Montana. 

She practiced in Montana for 6 years. Bozeman is a very active and athletic town so she gained experience in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage as well as Myofascial Release and Positional Releasing

Techniques. Polly has chosen to continue her education in modalities that she believes bring the most coherence, wholeness and healing to her clients. She has found Reiki (Master) Energy Healing, Tuning Fork sound therapy,

Fascial Cupping, Gau Sha, Kinesiotaping, Integrative Reflexology and PNF stretching to be incredible additions to

her 1000+ hours of schooling. All services occur on her Sound Table which provides a profound experience using specific frequencies of sounds through music. This in turn enhances a full body deep relaxation that amplifies and strengthens the entire chakra system. Without a doubt, she feels that Massage Therapy is what she was put on this

planet to do!

Please schedule a session with Polly and she will do her very best in aiding in your transformation to the most healed

and balanced version of yourself!  

Pneuma Massage Therapy

MA # 95005

MM # 431-24



Gianni De Biagi, LMT, Certified Natural Health Practitioner
(Melbourne and Stuart locations)
Gianni is a gifted, highly experienced and intuitive practitioner with a passion for holistic health and Eastern Healing Arts. He specializes in alternative and non invasive pain reduction techniques such as Sooji (Korean hand acupressure) and auricular therapy, both are alternatives to acupuncture. He is also a trained EPAT/Shock wave therapist as well as Shiatsu massage therapist and cupping for lymphatic drainage and other body work. Schedule a consultation with Gianni to learn more about which modality may be right for you.  
To schedule : (772) 320-7678 or

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